World First

From now on all the treadmills will be made of arificial grass because it brings profit to health.
As it has happened to the new pitches.

The future of the patent will go ahead because he will have the ownership of this invention. Only the company, wich acquires it, will be able to produce and market this treadmill with artificial grass.

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First time advantages of healthytreadmill:

  • Impacts absorption.
  • Avoid lesions.
  • Protect your back and vertebral column because it decreases impact.
  • Pleasant feeling of solt treading.
  • Serves to rehabilitation therapy.
  • Simulate filed players.
  • Better players adaptation.
  • Allow to do sport to adult people who suffer from articulation and bones.
  • Take care of bony mass in long term.
  • More natural display because of the green field colour.

Healthytreadmill is the solution

To run artificial grass as practising elite sports is nos a fact. After the incredible advantages of doing sport on this surface, the grass is the material where the 80% of worldwide sporty people do sport.

There cannot be the slightest doubt that a sportsman prefers to train on a grass surface since this is the surface on wich they have to compete.
The later adaptation to pitches is immediate.

The artificial grass treadmill is a real revolution to sporty people since it allows them to train in the superface they have always wanted to do it.