It was made a survey to a representative sample of population who wanted to study. Our aim was to find out through standardized interrogation procedures (through questions), which was the acceptance degree of the artificial grass treadmill around the population divided by ages.

Before the interview we explained them the benefits of running over a conventional treadmill and we also explain them the added benefits you can get when you run over an artificial grass treadmill.

We add that the artificial grass treadmill would have 15% more expensive than conventional one.

  • 12 years to 20 years: 96 people answered they will buy the healthytreadmill and 4 people will buy the conventional one.
  • 21 years to 40 years: 95 people answered they will buy the healthytreadmill and 5 people will buy the conventional one.
  • 41 years to 60 years: 94 people answered they will buy the healthytreadmill and 6 people will buy the conventional one.
  • 61 years to 100 years: 100 people answered they will buy the healthytreadmill.

And when to conclude we can state categorically that people regardless of age prefer the artificial grass treadmill in front of conventional one, since it is better for their health although it was a little bit expensive because of the surface used.

A survey is a standardized set of questions addressed to a portion of the population or institutions, in order to know their opinion or scientific facts.

Quantitative technique made to a different people, who represent a wide range of population which deals with an investigation about their different aspects in their daily life, using standardized set of questions with the aim of getting quantitative results about an objective and subjective aspects of these population.


Test in a gym in Valencia.

The test was to put an artificial treadmill next to a conventional one that belongs to that gym. In this case we don't explain the advantages of running on artificial grass.

UPV pupils made a survey asking consumers,

who used to buy fitness products and after being explained the benefits that they will get if they run over this surface, if they will buy a conventional treadmill or an artificial one, and the result was that the 100% of those them answered they prefer run on artificial grass.

Complete success in a test made to elite sport people.

We made an interview to elite people asking them if they will prefer to train on an artificial grass treadmill or on a conventional one and they told us they prefer running on artificial grass. Furthermore, they also told us that when they go to train they look for artificial grass just to take care of their articulations because as a consequence of the great effort that supposed to practice an elite sport they are being damaged every time.

Test made to professional football players.

We made some interviews to different professional football players from the Spanish league. All of them choose an area as close to the surface as they can to train.

It is no doubt that they choose to run on an artificial grass.