Impact absortion
Avoid lesions
Protect your back and vertebral column
Pleasant feeling of soft treading
Take care of articulations and tendons
Used to rehabilitation therapy
Simulate field players
Better players adaptation
Allow to do sport to adult people who suffer from
articulation and bones.
Take care of bony mass in long term.
More natural display because of the green field
Low impact absorption
Don't help to avoid lessons
Don't protect back and vertebral column
Harder treading
Limited careful articulations & tendons
It is not as therapy as healtytreadmill
Heard surface

As it is known, sport and heath culture is spreading more and more every time to all the social strata

Run helps you to prevent heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, insomnia and cancer.

It is proved that running reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as it increases the energy and resistance.

People who do exercise very often tend to be happier, healthier and long term.

When practise sport the treadmill self-absorption is important to dim the impact and the vibrations of articulations in lower extremities ( kneews and ankles) and the lumbar sacral area of the back.

The impact absortion is essential to avoid painful display and in a long-term avoid neuralgic swelling of great importance, too.

The treadmill made of artificial grass show us infinite advantages over its convertional equivalent made of rubbler band.