The patent holder has what we say a negative right over patented technology.

This right allows him to prevent that somebody without his permission will be able to:

manufactured, use, sell or import the patented product

The management of knowledge, specially the new ideas and concepts are essential to the ability of each company to change, adapt and take advantage of new opportunities while it is competing in fast changing business environment. In the recent knowledge economy in an innovative company should be the patents strategies an important aspect in business strategy.

The owner may allow to a certain person or company some of the previous activities granting a licence and receiving money that it is known as a bonus.

He may also transfer the patent ownership or hand over his right, by a fixed payment. After that, the original holder won't be related with the patent running.

A strongest market position and a competitive advantage. A patent give its

holder the exclusive right to avoid other to use the new patent in market, and helps to reduce the uncertainty, the risk and competition from imitators.

If your company have or get the permission to run a patented invention, it is possible you can create a market access barrier for all your competitors. This will help your company to consolidate its market position.

The number of people who go to a gym is increasing year after year. Most of these people go there to burn up calories, that is to loose weigh, and to get this the treadmill is an essential element, because the average calories burned up in this type of machines are well above the burned with the other machines, such as stationary bicycle, step or rowing.


Fitness business turns over 3500. Million euros every year in Spain.
Nowadays, there are more than 13000 companies in this sector.
There are more than 75000 employees in fitness world.
Around 64% men and 48% women practice sport.
Around 38% of people who practice sport do this in a sport centre.
The average numbers of visitors who go the gym do this twice a week.
The year average of visitors who go to the gym is about 92 years.
The most requested activities in Spain are the cardiovascular ones (14%) and the physical fitting-out.
There have been an increasing number of people between 40 and 60 who attends gyms.
People who go to that gym have a natural trend to increase the number of activities and in those days they want beauty and welfare treatment as massages, spa, etc.
Their data above and their increasing demand of this fitness product show the importance for that company of acquiring the patent of "treadmill with artificial grass" that is well known in the major consuming countries of these products. Both as business company strategy and as for its insertion in emerging countries as the Brazilians ones where it is increasing the demand of these products, the best is to enter in a country with the competitive advantage that this patent give us ,that is ,it allows us to enter in a country without any kind of competence.